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Special Publications and Meeting Notes:

Slideshow from 2017 Annual Meeting - Cutting Edge Understanding of Lyme Disease - a talk by Erinna Chen (refs)

Salmon Creek Watershed Action Plan via CEI

Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) Info: 19 State EAB Flyer | Ask the EAB Expert - Mark Whitmore | EAB Insecticide Treatment

Special Publication:Tom Shelley Fracking Slideshow RCSI Annual Mtg, Apr. 16, 2013

Special Publication: Critical Issues in Climate Change Research (Presented by Ben Laabs, Dept. of Geological Sciences, SUNY Geneseo, April 23, 2009, RCSI Annual Meeting) [PDF Size: 1.5 megs]

Special Publication: Predictive Models for Beach Operation in Monroe County: Historical Perspectives and Recent Data (Presented by Charles L. Knauf, Monroe County Department of Public Health, April 9, 2008, RCSI Annual Meeting) [PDF Size: 7 megs]

Special Publication: A Proposed Plan for Durand Eastman Park Beach (Presented by JoAnn Beck, City of Rochester, April 9, 2008, RCSI Annual Meeting) [PDF Size: 5 megs]


334 New York State Energy Research and Development Authority´┐Żs Commercial & Industrial Energy Efficiency Programs PDF Haley Rotter March 2013
333 The Saline Water Belt Marginal to Bedded Salt Deposits of the Silurian Salina Group, Western New York State: A Possible Glacial 'Pocket' Aquifer PDF, MS Word William M. Goodman, David J. Gnage, and Peter H. Smith October 2011
332 It's Not Your Father's Energy Audit, Anymore! PDF, MS Word Lee Loomis July 2010
331 Bulletin 331 - The North American Great Lakes - Whose Water Is It? PDF, WORD M. Ann Howard, JD November 2007
330 Bulletin 330 Water Quality Trends in the Genesee River PDF, WORD Robert Bode and Margaret Novak November 2005
328 Geologic Change Along the Genesee River Between Mt. Morris and Rochester, NY Richard Young, PhD December 2003
327 Learning from the Past: The Origins of RCSI; Chapter 3, Protecting Children from Lead Poisoning Dave Wilson and, George G. Berg November 2000
326 Learning from the Past: The Origins of RCSI; Chapter 2, Cleaning Up the Waters Thomas A. Fink,, Roger Christensen, Dave Wilson, Herman Forest, and, George G. Berg June 2000
325 Learning from the Past: The Origins of RCSI; Chapter 1, Safe Use of Atomic Energy Thomas A. Fink,, Herman Forest, and, George G. Berg March 2000
324 Medical Waste Disposal Joanne Mitchell October 1999
323 The Risks and Regulation of Vinyl Asbestos Floor Tile: A Case Study of Over-Regulation [Figure 1 GIF, XL, Figure 2 GIF, XL, PDF] Kimberly Dalton Ferris November 1998
322 The Postglacial Tilting of Lake Ontario: A Complication for Historic Lakeshore Erosion Studies and Modern Lake-Level Control Richard Young PhD November 1998
321 Organizing the Watersheds: Environmental Protection for the Western Finger Lakes Stephen Lewandowski September 1996
320 A Case for the Preservation of the Hemlock-Canadice Watershed in a Natural State Stephen Lewandowski February 1995
319 Status Report on Waste-to-Energy Technologies, Related Issues and Concerns. Excerpted from Monroe County EMC Publication #94-1 Michael Flanigan February 1995
318 Landslide Development at Irondequoit Bay, Monroe County NY 1930-1993 Weiyang James Wang, Lawrence Lundgren PhD June 1994
317 Presence of Pollution Intolerant Macroinvertebrates as a Measure of the Water Quality of the Canandaigua Outlet and Flint Creek (Phelps, NY) Jason Clock April 1994
316 Road Salt and Groundwater Pollution: An Update. Excerpted from Geology Today Richard Young PhD, April 1994 ,
315 Bluff Erosion Along Irondequoit Creek in Linear Park Richard Young PhD, Richard Burton, April 1993,
314 Use Hazards of Preservative Treated Lumber John Ernst & George Gray with Fred Miller September 1992
313 Irondequoit Bay: Evaluation of Status of Protective Legislation by the Three Surrounding Towns Hank Botts February 1992
312 Are Too Many Trees Being Removed from Rochester Streets? Herman Forest, George Fisher January 1992
311 The Geologic Occurrence and Migration of Radon Gas: A Brief Review of Current Information and Models Relevant to Monroe and Livingston Counties Richard Young PhD May 1991
310 CRWM Perspective: Ontario County's Withdrawal From the Western Finger Lakes Solid Waste Management Authority Mary Bogin PhD, Deborah Reynolds April 1991
309 Recycling in Ontario County Deborah Reynolds December 1990
308 RCSI Action Plan for an Irondequoit Bay Conservation Zone and Nature Trail Anthony J. Adams Jr., Esq. December 1990
307 Surge in the Lower Genesee River and Its Significance for Riverfront Development John Ernst October 1990
306 Methods of Open Space Preservation S. Christine Fredette, Douglas G. Stinson June 1990
305 A Short History of the Upland Watershed Advisory Committee, December 1985 - December 1987 Stephen Lewandowski November 1989
304 The Community "Right to Know" Law: What It Is and How to Use It to Obtain Information About Hazardous Chemicals in Local Use Anthony J. Adams Jr., Esq. September 1989
303 The Health Insurance Crisis Patrick Hurley MD July 1989
302 A Summary of the Solid Waste Management Plan for Monroe County, NY Prepared by Wm F. Cosulich Associates, P.C. Patrick T. Hurley MD, Virginia E Haines, July 1989
301 Improved Action Against Lead Poisoning in Rochester Kate Wylie, Mark J Merkens MD January 1989
300 Two Issues at Junius Ponds: (1) Has State Regulation Failed? (2) Is It Too Late to Preserve Them? Herman Forest PhD, September 1988
299 How the Rochester Housing Authority Lost a $2.7 Million Federal Housing Grant Heather Booth September 1988
298 The Recovery of Irondequoit Creek as Habitat for Trout and Salmon Kristine Stewart August 1988
297 Development in Seneca Flats: Natural and Legal Constraints Herman Forest PhD April 1988
296 The Remarkable Recovery of Submersed Vegetation in Irondequoit Bay Herman Forest PhD, September 1987,
295 The Alum Treatment Worked: Irondequoit Bay is Cleaner R. Burton, Lisa Spittal, G. Berg, August 1987
294 Disposal of Dredgings and Building a Wetland Behind a Dike: The Case of Irondequoit Bay O. Berg June 1987
293 Indoor Air Pollution by Smokers: a Public Health Problem Joel L. Nitzkin MD January 1987
292 HUD's Lead Hazard Elimination Program for "As Is" Housing Assuming that Old Paint has Lead Rodney Bailey PhD January 1987
291 Damage to Trees Near the I-390 Viaduct Across Genesee Valley Park: Is Road Deicing Salt the Culprit? Herman Forest PhD, September 1986
290 Filtration of Hemlock Lake Water: Are We Getting it Without Proper Environmental Analysis? Anthony J. Adams Esq, O. Berg, G. Berg June 1986
289 Lead Hazard in Rochester Houses: Why Does It Go On? G. Berg, O. Berg, Heather Booth, March 1986
288 Lead Poisoning Control: A Needed Program in Jeopardy G. Berg, O. Berg, Heather Booth March 1986
287 Are Lead-Contaminated Rochester Soils Hazardous Wastes? Larry A. Blue, Heather Booth March 1986,
286 Heavy Use of Deicing Salt in the Spring Interferes with the Spring Mix in Irondequoit Bay Richard S. Burton, O. Berg Jan 1986
285 Commercial Logging In Rochester's Upland Forest G. Berg, Leland Brun September 1985,
284 Harvesting Trees Near Hemlock and Canadice Lakes: Should It Continue? Robert H. Jones September 1985
283 Soil Lead Risk to Children Playing Outside the House Heather Booth September 1985
282 Heavy Lead Contamination of Soil Near the Irondequoit Bay Bridge Heather Booth, August 1985,
281 Developing the Data Base for Effective Lake and Watershed Management for Hemlock and Canadice Lakes H. Forest July 1985
280 Turbidity in Hemlock Lake: Where Does It Com From: What Can Be Done About It? Robert H. Jones January 1985, ,
279 Water Surface Zoning and Its Applicability to Irondequoit Bay, New York Charles R. O'Neill, Jr. January 1985
278 Managing Hemlock and Canadice Lakes and Their Watersheds: Is Now the Time for an Environmental Impact Statement? H. Forest September 1984
277 Institutional Recycling in Monroe County I. Slag from Kodak Boilers Goes on the Roads Cathy Willa Harris, O. Berg August 1984
276 Safe Drinking Water for Rochester IV: The Costs of Filtering Hemlock Lake Water H. Forest, G. Berg, O. Berg February 1984
275 Safe Drinking Water for Rochester III: Innovative Engineering Combined with Lake Management As An Alternative to Filtration at Hemlock Lake H. Forest, G. Berg, O. Berg, December 1983
274 Safe Drinking Water for Rochester II: Ecological Management Has Begun for Hemlock Lake Herman Forest , December 1983
273 Landspreading of Sewage Sludge in Monroe County: Six Programs Discontinued in the Last Few Years Mary Jane Peachey, September 1983,
272 An Alternative for Cleaning Northrup Creek G. Berg, August 1983
271 The Spencerport Sewage Treatment Plant: When is "Danger of Imminent Failure" Imminent? G. Berg, August 1983
270 Analyzing the Costs of a Water System Citizens Advisory Committee for the Village of Pittsford Water System, Gerald Elliott, Chairman April 1983
269 Joining Forces to Solve Water Problems CEI Water Committee, Olga Berg, Chairman, March 1983,
268 New Pipes for Old: Rejuvenation of Drinking Water Systems in Six Small Communities CEI Water Committee, Olga Berg, Chairman March 1983
267 Road Safety With Less Deicing Salt: How Madison Did It (266 & 267 are combined in 1 PDF) W. Brown, G. Berg, Oct 1982
266 Road Safety With Less Deicing Salt: The Madison Experience (266 & 267 are combined in 1 PDF) W. Brown, G. Berg Oct 1982,
265 Urea Formaldehyde Foam as Home Insulation H. Hirschland, Sept 1982
264 Managing the Irondequoit Creek Wetlands to Improve Water Quality in the Bay: II. Harvesting Cattails R. Burton June 1982
263 Managing the Irondequoit Creek Wetlands to Improve Water Quality in the Bay: I. Sediment Control R. Burton June 1982
262 Beverage Container Deposit Law or Litter Control Legislation: Can Experience in Other States Help New York Decide? J. Gutterman April 1982
261 Water Distribution Systems for Public Well Water in Monroe County O Berg, R Wilcove March 1982
260 The Care of Public Well Water in Monroe County O Berg, R. Wilcove March 1982
259 Road Salt and Traffic Injuries in Rochester W. Brown, G. Berg, C.S. Brown Jr. February 1982
258 Solar Projects in the Rochester Area: A Survey C. A. Baybutt, B. Weir January 1982,
257 Recycling Plutonium: The History of the Western New York Nuclear Service Center G. Berg , September 1981
256 Should the High-Level Waste at West Valley be Moved? D.R. Taves September 1981
255 Road Salt Use and Accidents in Winter: A Model for the City of Rochester and the County of Monroe W. Brown, C.S. Brown, G. Berg , September 1981
254 Hazards of Winter Driving in the City of Rochester, 1969-70 to, 1979-80 W. Brown, C. S. Brown Jr September 1981
253 Are There Toxic Pollutants in Rochester Area Streams? Testing the 1981 EPA Model Against Reality 0. Berg, R. Burton August 1981
252 Anatomy of a Landfill Permit: The Seneca Falls Sanitary Landfill A. Lee Nesslage August 1981 ,
251 Continued Improvement in Irondequoit Creek: Clean Enough Yet? R. Burton, 0. Berg April 1981
250 The Recovery of Ides Cove from Road Salt Deicing Application George J. Pesacreta, Joseph C. Makarewicz April 1981
249 Principles of Rehabilitation: What Can Really Be Done for the Great Lakes? Herman Forest, Susan Peterson March 1981
248 Stocking Salmon and Trout in Lake Ontario: A Successful Program? Susan Peterson, Herman Forest March 1981
247 How to Protect Public Health: The Need for Risk Assessment H. David Maillie February 1981
246 Risk of Lead Poisoning from Urban Gardens- A Case Study Herman Forest February 1981
245 Pollution of Irondequoit Bay and Tributaries by Addition of Barge Canal Water Thomas D. Kremer November 1980,
244 Making Solar Heating a Reality: Planning Considerations and Town Codes Mary Elizabeth Ford November 1980
243 Natural Constraints on the Use of Solar Energy Mary Elizabeth Ford November 1980
242 Limiting Salt at Residential Corners: An Innovative Test That Worked Lindsay Holmes August 1980
241 Potential Pesticide Exposure of Migrant Farmworkers Living Within Spray Areas Dale L. Morse, Robert McLellan, Carmen Christophersen August 1980
240 Solar Access in New York State Mary Elizabeth Ford June 1980
239 Gasoline, An Underground Water Pollutant in Monroe County Olga Berg, , Jean Askham May 1980
238 Air Quality in the Regional Transit Bus Barns: Legal But Irritating Reveira Wilcove April 1980
237 The Contribution of Winter Weather and Salt Use to Winter Accidents on Monroe County Roads. Technical Appendix Lindsay Holmes, Grant Pike, George Berg , February 1980,
236 Safe Drinking Water for Rochester: Critical Decisions for Hemlock Lake Herman Forest December 1979
235 Asbestos Hazard in Furnaces Juraj Ferin December 1979
234 Less Deicing Salt: A Policy That is Paying Off - Some Improvement in Well Water in Eastern Penfield Grant Pike, Olga Berg, Cynthia Pike December 1979
233 Untangling Sausages: Lots of Choices for Nitrite-Free Products in the Butcher Shops in Rochester S. Chris Fredette, Olga Berg October 1979
232 What's In a Sausage? - Analyzing Packaged Nitrite-Free Sausages Made in Rochester Olga Berg, , S. Chris Fredette October 1979
231 Control of Land Use Through Restriction of Connections to Existing Sewers - A Viable Option? Mary Elizabeth Ford July 1979
230 Impact of Channel Enlargement at Irondequoit Bay - Too Early to Tell Herman Forest July 1979
229 Sludge Management Plan For the Van Lare Sewage Treatment Plant: A Review Henry Hirschland, George Berg , June 1979,
228 Restoring Irondequoit Bay: A Pilot Study on the Treatment of Bottom Muds is Needed Richard S. Burton May 1979
227 Sausages Without Nitrites - The Rochester Solution Herman Forest January 1979
226 The American Chestnut II: Chestnuts in the Genesee Valley Region, 1978 Richard Cook, Herman S. Forest January 1979,
225 The Financial Impact of Converting From Manual to Automatic Controlled Salting Trucks Lindsay Holmes , November 1978
224 A Bad Summer for the Van Lare Plant and Its Neighbors Henry Hirschland, George Berg , October 1978,
223 Should the Freshwater Wetlands Act be Changed? Herman S. Forest September 1978
222 Putting the Wetlands Act to Work: Monroe County, NY S.Chris Fredette , September 1978
221 Making It Pay to Use Less Salt: Monroe County, 1978 Lindsay Holmes September 1978 ,
220 Flooding and Development Problems in the Red Creek Watershed: Towns of Henrietta and Brighton Ann B. Nelson April 1978 ,
219 Auto Depreciation from Deicing Salt Wayne Snyder March 1978
218 Road Deicing Salt and Automobile Corrosion Wayne Snyder , March 1978
217 Disposal of Dogs, or Use for Research? - Controversy Over The Hatch-Metcalf Act Alan L. Kraus March 1978
216 Land Use and Water Quality - The Genesee River Watershed Pilot Study G. Anders Carlson , January 1978
215 Effect of Road Salt on Surface Water Quality in Penfield, New York R. Laurence Davis , January 1978
214 Effect of Road Salt on Ground Water Quality in Penfield, New York R. Laurence Davis , January 1978
213 Snow, Salt and Accidents in Monroe County Robert Navias, Lindsay Holmes January 1978
212 Improvements in Sewage Treatment in the Fall of 1977 Henry Hirschland, George Berg January 1978
211 Major Non-Point Water Pollution Problems in Monroe County, NY John Davis, Richard Burton, Richard Rising, Richard Sutherland December 1977
210 New York State's New Emergency Plan for Radiation Accidents Warren Rosenbaum November 1977
209 Should Calcium Chloride be Used with Road Salt? Lindsay Holmes , October 1977
208 Current Studies in the Western Finger Lakes Region Peter J. Hetzel , July 1977 ,
207 The Importance of Rooted Aquatic Plants in the Western Finger Lakes Region Anne Kimber June 1977 ,
206 Improved Performance at the Van Lare Sewage Treatment Plant George Berg May 1977
205 Land Application of Municipal Sewage Sludge in Monroe County Chris J. Cappon Chris J. Cappon
204 Environmental Legislation in New York State - 1975-76 Herman Forest April 1977
203 The American Chestnut: A Rare Regional Tree Species Herman S. Forest, James W. Kelly, Carl Wiedemann January 1977
202 Does Less Salting in Monroe County Mean Higher Costs or More Accidents? Lindsay Holmes , November 1976
201 Deicing Load and Saltfall in Monroe County Winton Brown December 1976
200 Bad Odors from Pure Waters: The Case of Rochester's New Sewage Treatment Plant Report of Water Pollution Subcommittee: George Berg Septembe1976
199 Mirex - A New Persistent Pesticide in Lake Ontario Herman Forest September 1976,
198 Improvement in Irondequoit Bay Following a Decrease of Road Salting in the Watershed Richard Burton June 1976 ,
197 Control of Radiation Accidents at the R.E.Ginna Nuclear Power Plant G. Berg, R.E. Lee, W. Rosenbaum April 1976
196 Accidents and Salting in Monroe County Lindsay Holmes, February 1976,
195 Industry's Role in Conserving Material Resources Gene Kramer February 1976,
194 Environmental Impacts of Salt Mining on the Plum Point Creek Area and on Seneca Lake James Harper February 1976
193 Clean Water at Ontario Beach: Water Pollution Study in Summer of 1975 Dave Bauer, , George Berg , December 1975
192 Water Quality Trends in the Genesee River and Irondequoit Creek Drainage Basins Herman Forest, Peter Hetzel , December 1975
191 Monitoring the Lower Genesee Peter Hetzel November 1975
190 The New York State Freshwater Wetlands Act of 1975 George Berg , September 1975
189 The Metric System D. Frederickson, G.A. Takacs August 1975
188 Control of Pollution Discharges in Monroe County Peter Hetzel , July 1975 ,
187 Recycling in Monroe County in 1974 Jean Thompson, Olga Berg June 1975
186 Licensing of 765,000 Volt A C Power Transmission Lines in New York State. Part A - Present Status; Part B - Physical Effects Warren Rosenbaum and Robert Lee , June 1975
185 Environmental Management in New York State: The Governor's Task Force Reports George Berg May 1975
184 Fluctuation of Great Lakes Levels S. Walker , May 1975
183 Summary of Environmental Legislation Enacted by New York State, 1973-74; and Legislative Proposals by DEC for 1975 Herman Forest May 1975 ,
182 "Opening" of Irondequoit Bay Will Not Help to Clean the Bay Herman Forest April 1975
181 Choice of Beverage Container Laws in New York State Joint Bulletin with League of Women Voters: Jane Schmidt April 1975,
180 Legislating Deposits on Beverage Containers in Monroe County, New York Joint Bulletin with League of Women Voters: Jane Schmidt March 1975
179 Protecting Trees from Excavation Damage C. Wiedemann, J.W. Kelly February 1975
178 The Energy Outlook and Global Interdependence Reveira Wilcove January 1975
177 Demonstration of a Method for Locating Potential Sites for Sanitary Landfills: Penfield, Monroe County, New York Larry Davis February 1975
176 Air Pollution in Monroe County M.J. McClements, G.A. Takacs January 1975
175 The Rail Preservation Bond Act: Proposition No. I on the 1974 Ballot Olga Berg October 1974
174 The Clean Air Act, 1970: A National Debate A. Illies, , M.J. McClements, G.A.Takacs August 1974
173 The Energy Situation Ron Salzman August 1974
172 Operation of the National Flood Insurance Program in Monroe County Jane Schmidt,, Olga Berg , July 1974
171 The Use of Deicing Salt in Monroe County Lindsay Holmes June 1974
170 The Spending of Environmental Quality Bond Act Monies: Monies on Regional Wetlands Olga Berg June 1974
169 Automobile Engine Alternatives Robert Lee April 1974
168 The National Environmental Policy Act and Beyond: Improvements in Environmental Assessment, 1974 S. Forest April 1974
167 Salt Storage in Monroe County Lindsay K. Holmes December 1973
166 Environmental Effects of Deicing Salts: Introductory Bulletin Lindsay K. Holmes December 1973
165 Improved Condition of Rochester Beaches; Still a Long Way from Clean Water H. Forest, G.Berg October 1973
164 Environmental Impact Procedures for Landfills in Monroe County Larry Lundgren October 1973
163 Noise Legislation: Federal, State and Local Robert Lee , August 1973
162 The New York State Environmental Plan H. Forest August 1973
161 The RCSI New York State Legislative Review (1972) Thomas A. Fink July 1973
160 Private Sewage Disposal in the Genesee Region Milton Gross , April 1973
159 Water Pollution by Outboard Motors, and a Useful Control Device Barbara Rennick April 1973
158 Scientists' Institute for Public Information Tenth Annual Meeting Byrna Weir April 1973
157B The Rochester Prize: Awarded for a Proposal on Coordinated Approaches to Restore Lake Ontario Herman Forest April 1973
157A The Rochester Prize. Awarded for a Proposal on the Introduction of the White Amur into Lake Ontario George Berg April 1973
156 Letter from Robert A. Sweeney, Director, Great Lakes Laboratory Robert A. Sweeney March 1973
155 Effects of Noise on Humans R. Lee March 1973
154 Water Quality in Upper Tonawanda Creek Bernard A. Marcus January 1973
153 Environmental Education Survey Byrna Weir January 1973
152 Violations of the Hexachlorophene Ban in Monroe County, New York - Failure of FDA Regulatory Procedures Michael L. Slade January 1973
151 Changes in Water Quality of Streams Since the Phosphate Content of Laundry Detergents was Lowered Kenneth Harbison May 1974
150 Consumer Evaluation of Laundry Detergents Olga and George Berg , January 1973
149 The National Environmental Policy Act: Environmental Impact Statements and Review H. Forest and Olga Berg December 1972
148 Hexachlorophene: Ubiquitous Bacteriostat, Banned But Possibly Still on the Market Shelf Michael L. Slade November 1972,
147 Hutchison Hall: Noisier Than Other Facilities on the University of Rochester River Campus Michael L. Slade October 1972
146 Noise: Definition and Typical Values Robert E. Lee October 1972,
145 The Environmental Quality Bond Act of 1972 Olga Berg September 1972
144 Fecal Pollution in Suburban Areas from Private Sewage Discharges - Contamination of East Brook and West Brook in Pittsford, NY Michael L. Slade September 1972
143 Unsafe Toys Judy Braiman September 1972
142 Mercury Analysis of Fish in Monroe County Claire Buchanan August 1972
141 Environmental Legislation in New York State During 1971 Thomas A. Fink August 1972
140 Mosquitoes: Management and Control George Berg, , Byrna Weir August 1972
139 Some Sources of Input to Canandaigua Lake and Their Contribution to the Quality of the Environment - 1971 Herman Forest, W. C. Grow, Tracy E. Maxwell June 1972
138 The Federal Water Pollution Control Act of 1972 G.Berg, O.Berg, G.Cox, H.Forest, K.Harbison October 1972
137 Environmental Research in the Irondequoit Bay Watershed H. Forest, G. Cox March 1972
136 Recycling Paper in Monroe County on a Large Scale D.Adler,C.Carpenter, S.Combs,P.Fogel, E.Greene, B.Kappel, A.Krieger, M.Neundorfer, L.Newman, A.Nichols, H.Russell March 1972
135 Statement to the NYS DEC, February 1, 1972 George G. Berg March 1972
134 Book Review: Barry Commoner, The Closing Circle: Nature, Man and Technology Caroline Snyder February 1972
133 Recycling: Market Analysis Byrna Weir, J.Farkas,, D.Forbes,, L.Jacobs,, J.Thomas, H.Trulli February 1972
132 Recycling: Background Information Fred Ford, Byrna Weir January 1972
131 RCSI Air Pollution News Note George Berg, C.R. McHenry February 1972
130 A Survey of the Fish of Irondequoit Bay Steven Gittelman, Claire Buchanan December 1971
129 Algal Blooms in Silver Lake Neal G. Dunkleberg August 1971
128 Outer Loop Alternates Robert E. Lee August 1971
127 Government Action for Clean Air in Monroe County League of Women Voters Joint Bulletin: Olga Berg August 1971
126 Measurement of Ambient Air Quality in Monroe County League of Women Voters Joint Bulletin: Olga Berg August 1971
125 Run-off of Deicing Salt: Effect on Irondequoit Bay, Rochester, New York R.C.Bubeck, W.H.Diment, B.L.Deck, A.L.Baldwin, S.D.Lipton July 1971
124 Municipal Incineration Al Nichols, Byrna Weir August 1971
123 Pollution of Small Waterways: Town of Avon, Livingston County: Cause and Consequence Ralph S. Guercio September 1971
122 Nutrient Studies of Irondequoit Creek K.G.Harbison, K.J. Dobuler, J.W. Whittaker June 1971
121 Transportation Planning in the Rochester Metropolitan Region F. T. Goldstein June 1971
120 Labeling of Detergents as a Means of Regulating Phosphate Pollution Herman S. Forest May 1971
119 The Phosphate-Free Detergents II K.G.Harbison, K.J.Dobuler, J.W.Whittaker May 1971
118 Water Pollution Abatement Through Regulation of Content and Use of Detergents H. S. Forest May 1971
117 Small Stream Pollution at East Avon, New York: The Ineffectiveness of Regulatory Attempts Thomas Rosenthal April 1971
116 Trash Disposal - 1971: Monroe County, New York Fred C. Ford April 1971
115 Environmental Legislation in New York, 1970 Thomas A. Fink April 1971
114 Solid Waste Disposal in Monroe County, New York Herman S. Forest February 1971
113 New York State's Automatic Water Quality Surveillance Program Staff Report, Water Pollution Committee February 1971,
112 Recycling Day in New York: An Overview Byrna Weir March 1971
111 Phosphate-free Detergents Kenneth G. Harbison February 1971
110 Suitability of the Menmax Corporation's Proposed Site For a Metropolitan Landfill Disposal Area in the Town of Parma, Monroe County J.E.Hubbard, R.W. Adams, R.L.Merle, R.L.Reeves January 1971
109 The Suitability of the Pittsford Gravel Corporation Gravel Pit As A Metropolitan Landfill Site, Town of Mendon, Monroe County Richard L. Reeves January 1971
108 Summary Bulletin on Rochester Gas and Electric Corporation's Ginna Nuclear Power Plant Robert E. Lee January 1971
107 Hart's Woods (Perinton) As A Community Asset Suzanne Seeley, Robert B. Slaughter December 1970
106 Fat and Sulfite Content of Ground Beef Purchased in the Rochester Area Kenneth G. Harbison November 1970
105 Consumer Protection Statement George G. Berg, Herman S. Forest October 1970
104 Pesticide Statement to New York State Department of Environmental Conservation Herman S. Forest, Robert G. Kiefer, George G. Berg, Olga Berg August 1970
103 Linear Parks Waldo J. Nielsen July 1970
102 The Components of Pollution in Slater Creek, Monroe County Diane Chapman July 1970
101 Use of Irondequoit Creek by William Stappenbeek, Inc Murray Pollack July 1970
100 Source of Phosphates in Lake Ontario: The Sandy Creek Watershed John Hubbard June 1970
99 The East Side Incinerator - A Source of Air Pollution Richard Brown June 1970
98 Introductory Bulletin, Air Pollution Herman S. Forest June 1970
97 Industrial Radioactive Waste - Bulletin #5 David J. Wilson, E. Grant Pike, George G. Berg September 1968
96 Industrial Radioactive Waste - Bulletin #4 E. Grant Pike, David J. Wilson, George G. Berg September 1968
95 Industrial Radioactive Waste - Bulletin #3 George G. Berg February 1968
94 Industrial Radioactive Waste - Bulletin #2 George G. Berg, E. Grant Pike February 1968
93 Biological Effects of Radiation Richard C. Lewontin February 1964,
92 Radiation Primer - Part II; Government and Fallout George G. Berg May 1964
91 Radiation Primer - Part 1; Physical Terms and Concepts Stanley M. Rogoff, Deci M. Lowry September 1963
90 R.C.S.I. News Release G. Berg, Allan Campbell, Everett M. Hafner David J. Wilson May 1964
89 Cost of Removing Radiostrontium from Milk David J. Wilson 1964
88 Industrial Expansion Without Ecological Protection: Avon's Land Use Policy Phyllis T. Thompson May 1970
87 Rural Zoning in Western New York: Introductory Report and Case Study of Town of Avon Phyllis T. Thompson March 1970
86 The Edwin Mason Wildlife Protection Bill: Sensible Protection for Vanishing Carnivores John C. Jahoda April 1970
85 Bounties for Killing Wild Animals John C. Jahoda January 1970
84 Landfills Threaten Irondequoit Bay Herman S. Forest July 1968
83 Quiet Revolution James J. Kaufman November 1968
82 Rat Control in the City of Rochester Conrad A. Istock August 1968
81 Note to Members - Foods Now on Market Containing Cyclamate Regina Stewart December 1969
80 Amount of Cyclamate in Diet Foods Regina Stewart September 1969
79 Possible Hazard from Cyclamates in Diet Foods Gary M. Whitford, George G. Berg September 1969
78 The Chemical Mace, Report #2 David J. Wilson September 1968
77 The Chemical Mace, Report #1 David J. Wilson, George G. Berg May 1968
76 Death From Inhalation of Fluorocarbon Propellants Harold C. Hodge March 1969
75 Lead Poisoning 3. Lead Contamination of Homes Urban League Joint Bulletin: D.J.Wilson, D.A.Anderson, John Temmerman January 1968
74 Lead Poisoning 2. A Report of Recent Cases J. D. Hare December 1967
73 Lead Poisoning 1. A Background Report J. D. Hare, George Berg August 1967
72 Field Test for the Presence of Lead in Paint Chips David J. Wilson 1967
71 Combined Sewers - A Major Flaw in Local Pollution Abatement Plans Graham Cox May 1970
70 Phosphates in Washing Products, II Olga Berg, Herman Forest April 1970
69 Note to Members - Nation's Best Inland Water Biology Laboratory is Being Abandoned Herman S. Forest March 1970
68 Note to Members - International Joint Commission Hearing in Rochester February 4, 1970 Herman S. Forest February 1970
67 Water Temperature and Dissolved Oxygen in Irondequoit Bay Robert Bubeck February 1970
66 Phosphate in Washing Products Olga Berg, George Berg February 1970
65 The Conflict Over Nuclear Power: The New York Senate Assumes an Active Role Graham Cox February 1970
64 A Place for Participation by Ecologists in Site Selection for Nuclear Power Plants Ray T. Oglesby January 1970
63 Legal Bulletin on Water Pollution Thomas A. Fink, Herman S. Forest December 1969
62 Controversy About the Value of Our Pure Waters Program H. Forest, , R. Christensen, G. Berg December 1969
61 Phosphate in Irondequoit Creek and Tributaries Ruth Levitt November 1969
60 Seneca Creek and Adjacent Waters of Canandaigua Lake H. Forest, W. Gavett , R. Stewart, D. Wilson November 1969
59 Survey of Sandy Creek (Western Monroe County) George G. Berg, Regina Stewart November 1969
58 Statement Released on October 31, 1969 by R.C.S.I. G. Berg, H. Forest, H. Huddle, R. Lee, E.G. Pike October 1969
57 Deep Well Disposal E. Grant Pike August 1969
56 Conflicting Demands for the Smaller Lakes Note to Members August 1969
55 Outboard Motors Note to Members August 1969
54 Regulation of Sewage Discharge by Water Craft Note to Members August 1969
53 Water Pollution Issues Enter a New Era Herman S. Forest August 1969
52 Eutrophication of Braddock Bay 1. Nutrients from Brockport D. Wilson, J. Hubbard, R. Stewart, G. Berg May 1969
51 Three Notes on Current Issues Herman S. Forest May 1969
50 Novel Proposal by Scientists for Cayuga Herman S. Forest February 1969
49 The Finger Lakes J. William Gavett January 1969
48 Pollution of West Creek by Duffy-Mott David J. Wilson November 1968
47 Summary-Analysis of the Control of Water Pollution Herman S. Forest November 1968
46 Summary Bulletin - Conesus Lake Studies Herman S. Forest October 1968,
45 Dissolved Oxygen Levels in Irondequoit Bay D. J. Wilson, Ruth Levitt, September 1968
44 Our Beaches in 1968 R.Christensen R.Levitt, R.Stewart, D.J.Wilson September 1968
43 Presumed Sewage Discharge in Genesee Valley Park D. J. Wilson July 1968
42 Recent Changes in New York State's Anti-Pollution Laws T. Fink April 1968
41 Fecal Pollution of Densmore Creek and Streams in the Town of Greece R. Stewart, D. J. Wilson January 1968
40 Evaluation of Reported Improvement in the Condition of Ontario Beach J. R. Christensen, D. J. Wilson October 1967
39 Water Pollution in the Town of Victor R. Stewart, D. J. Wilson October 1967
38 Pollution of Irondequoit Bay with Diesel Fuel or Fuel Oil T.Bannister, D. Martin, D. J. Wilson September 1967
37 Good Condition of Honeoye Creek D. J. Wilson September 1967
36 Sewage Pollution of Irondequoit Creek in East Rochester D. J. Wilson July 1967
35 Dissolved Oxygen in Monroe County Waters. The Lower Genesee D. J. Wilson, G. G. Berg July 1967
34 Dissolved Oxygen in Monroe County Waters. Lower Irondequoit Creek D. J. Wilson July 1967
33 Continued Pollution of Thompson Creek, Densmore Creek and Slater Creek with Undisinfected Sewage R. Stewart, D. Wilson July 1967
32 Coliform on Area Beaches, Spring 1967 J.R.Christensen N.Dunkleberg, R.Stewart, D.J.Wilson June 1967
31 Control of Bacterial Pollution of Slater and Round Pond Creeks D. J. Wilson June 1967
30 Improved Condition of the Irondequoit Creek Watershed D. J. Wilson June 1967
29 Sewage Phosphates and Algae in Lake Ontario II. Report of the Lake Erie Enforcement Conference Technical Committee D. J. Wilson June 1967
28 Sewage Phosphates and Algae in Lake Ontario I J.R.Christensen N.Dunkleberg, H.Forest, D.J.Wilson June 1967
27 Rust Inhibitor and Water Pollution Herman Forest, David Wilson, George Berg May 1967
26 Pollution of Densmore Creek D. J. Wilson May 1967
25 Sewage Pollution of Densmore and Thompson Creeks - A Follow-up Report George Berg, D. J. Wilson May 1967
24 Town of Irondequoit: Improvements in Sewage Treatment Facilities J. R. Christensen March 1967
23 Sewage Pollution of Northrop and Slater Creeks, The Lower Genesee, and Lake Ontario D. J. Wilson February 1967
22 Sewage Pollution of Oatka Creek and Lower Irondequoit Creek D. J. Wilson, , J. R. Christensen January 1967
21 Sewage Pollution of Area Streams D. J. Wilson, , J. R. Christensen December 1966
20 Sewage Bootlegging Onto the Shore of Lake Ontario J. R. Christensen December 1966
19 Scottsville Revisited - Sewage Pollution of Oatka Creek D. J. Wilson November 1966
18 Legal Aspects of Water Pollution T. Fink October 1966
17 Coliform Counts on Slater Creek and Greece's Latta Road Sewage Treatment Plant D. J. Wilson August 1966
16 Coliform Counts on Lake Ontario Beaches R. Christensen July 1966
15 How Not to Lie With Statistics D. Wilson, G. Berg July 1966
14 Statement to be Presented by Thomas A. Fink, Chairman T. Fink July 1966
13 Coliform Counts on Lake Beaches, The Genesee River and Oatka Creek D. Wilson July 1966
12 Water Pollution in Monroe County D. Wilson July 1966
11 Sewage Pollution of the Beaches of Lake Ontario D. Wilson, N. Dunkleberg June 1966
10 Sewage Pollution of the Lower Genesee River and Lake Ontario D. Wilson, R. Christensen May 1966
9 Float Tests and Grease Ball Deposits on Lake Ontario Beaches D. Wilson, N. Dunkleberg May 1966
8 Report on Honeoye Creek T. Bannister, R. Christensen, D. Wilson January 1966
7 Pollution of Waters of the Lower Genesee River D. Wilson, N. Dunkleberg December 1965
6 Report of the Subcommittee on Water Pollution II Note to Members October 1965
5 Report of the Subcommittee on Water Pollution I T. Bannister, R. Christensen August 1965
4 Hearing on Irondequoit Creek G. Berg May 1965
3 Third Report on Water Pollution G. Berg May 1965
2 Second Report on Water Pollution G. Berg, T. Fink November 1964
1 Report on Water Pollution T. Fink, G. Berg October 1964
05 Note to Members March 1965
04 Note to Members March 1965
03 Note to Members January 1965
02 Note to Members November 1964
01 Note to Members October 1964

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