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In 1964 a group of scientists met to work on ways to prevent harm to the general public and the environment from nuclear testing. That same year, an international treaty was passed to prevent nuclear testing.

The Rochester Committee for Scientific Information was formed from this nucleus of scientists and concerned citizens who had developed an effective method of working together. They then decided to explore the problems of water pollution in the Rochester and Monroe County area. These environmental interests have continued to broaden over recent decades.

Based in Rochester, NY, and focusing on local environmental issues in upstate New York, RCSI verifies, researches, and publicizes environmental issues, makes suggestions to local and State governmental agencies and organizations, and will continue to work to recommend solutions in the following major categories:

  • Water Pollution
  • Lead poisoning of children
  • Road salt deicing
  • Air pollution
  • Radiation
  • Transportation planning
  • Consumer issues
  • Environmental safety and health
  • Environmental geology and groundwater issues
RCSI publishes bulletins that describe the results of our research, and the bulletins are sent to members as they are published. We are currently converting this process to one which depends more heavily on the advantages of the Internet. This RCSI Website can also provide useful links to other environmentally related topics (see Useful Links). Individuals are invited to participate through active membership, tax deductable contributions, and voluntary support of our activities. Contributions have mainly been devoted to printing, mailing, and Website activities in support of the voluntary time contributed by our contributing scientists and active members. (Please contact us for information about becoming a member.) RCSI is currently involved in producing a video program dealing with environmental issues in selected western Finger Lakes basins. The video is being funded, in large part, by a significant private donation.

A much more detailed history of RCSI is contained in the following three-part Bulletin, also available from our Bulletins page:

Origins of the RCSI: by T.A. Fink, H. Forest, G.G. Berg, March 2000
  • Chapter 1 (Safe Use Of Atomic Energy)
  • Chapter 2 (Cleaning Up The Waters)
  • Chapter 3 (Protecting Children From Lead Poisoning)

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