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The following are links to useful and interesting sites with information and data that we find valuable. (NOTE: Links will open in a new window.)


NYSDEC 24 hr Precipitation Totals
(provides map of precipitation values for last 24 hours for locations in NY State)

NASA Interactive Weather Imagery Viewers
(Provides world-wide satellite weather views)

Geostationary Satellite Server
(Weather satellite views of different sections of USA)

National Weather Service Radar
(provides selection of current animated radar records of weather changes for western NY for last few hours)

National Weather Service
(Provides current weather forecast information for all States by County or local area)

National Weather Service Buffalo/Rochester Climate Information
(National Weather Service historic climatic data for Rochester and Buffalo)


EPA Information to Improve Septic System Management
The EPA has developed a CD-based kit that communities can use to produce customized brochures, utility bill inserts, and other information.

NYS Real-Time Streamflow Data
(provides graphs of real-time USGS stream-flow data for NY streams, including last 7 days; also allows search of historical data)

Canadian Water Levels Data
(Canadian data on Great Lakes, water level history, etc.)

US Army Corps of Engineers, Great Lakes Region
(Data on Great Lakes from US Corps of Engineers)

Water Quality Study of the Finger Lakes
(Recent report from NYSDEC on water quality in the Finger Lakes)


Mars Odyssey Mission
(NASA's Mars Odyssey Mission Web site)

Hubble Space Telescope
(NASA's Hubble Space Telescope Project)

The Nine Planets
(Provides current information and NASA imagery on planets and solar system with references and links to current NASA missions and data)



(Provides USA aerial photography imagery from USGS for orders, or allows download of low density image of interest)

The Earth and Moon Viewer
(Get views above any location on the planet specified by latitude, longitude and altitude, from a satellite in Earth orbit, or above various cities around the globe and more.)

Visible Earth Advanced Search
(NASA's Visible Earth Search - a searchable directory or images, visaulzations, and animations of the earth)

(Commercial site with some free maps for downloading - includes interactive topo map of entire US.)

NYS GIS Clearinghouse
(Provides downloadable digital files of individual 1:24,000-scale NY State USGS topographic maps in color)


A Paleo Perspective on Global Warming
(NOAA's global warming site)

EPA's Climate Change Site
(The EPA's climate change and global warming site)

A Closer Look at Global Warming
(The National Academies' global warming site)

Union of Concerned Scientists global warming site
(Union of Concerned Scientists global warming site - includes responses to global warming sketpics)


Salmon Creek Watershed Action Plan via CEI

Complete Sun and Moon Data For One Day
(Provides local sunset/sunrise/moon phase data for any location or date worldwide; will print table for entire year for any location)

The World Clock
(Provides correct time and date for any city/country, as well as a calendar for any year.)

World Climate
(Provides average monthly temperature/climate data record for any major city in the world)

Currency Converter
(Provides up-to-date currency conversion for entire world)

USPS Postage Calculator
(Provides accurate info on postage rates for US and international mail)

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