scrap story two - Part 6 (2024)


Chapter 6

kamiryuu pov.

it was descent new year as the ruling the country seem went out hard but for the best for the people make alliance with digital accident tactic squad or dats cyber sleuth hoodies , and the kamishiro company on created edan system even a secret digimon government. as this led us to establish a kingdom at kari home the yagami kamiya mansion where our people support her.

kari was working hard as i help her since she choose me as her king serving the people as her royal business. given the people, freedom independents. though most think having a little girl as a empress is over much, but i see kari is more determine to bring peace to her people living with digimon and liberating them from china assaults' with me and my digimon army. had a united nation meeting with me about digimon around the world now is gaiamon.

some think them as threat suggest to gain digimon of their own or force children to be part of military force which is horrid and wrong. but in reality it was American and his true alies we trusted those of enemy stand will not be worthy of digmon partner for the sake of conquest. this was the dealt with the existence of god. which islum deny to be true due to their and other people religions was destroy. every church every idea of their god except the god of the bible.

it was out voted out of guilt and fear that tyrants was over thrown from terrorist but forcing a religion was not much of gods will. after the meeting it was agreed that to give the digimon capture program to our new form allies, as then digimon are ment to be equels not slave or weapons. after the meeting kari and i head home lands to had gone to our daily patrol over the kingdom and the world as then discover the digimon gods invasion with some evil viruses.

these viruses are know as spirals eaters, d reapers and the newly discover hologram ghost. and their leaders eniac homeostasus, atanasoff, hermeros and kernal even gaia itself. gaiamon will have war on him as a battle commence my army and kari army are now facing the digimon gods viruses ai. as our escort had taken people and young digimon to safety. as the battle take place at our country as other places dealt the same problem.

this was intence as lands was almost marked till the thirteen royal knights came even the omegamon of tai and matt as they face as it become a winning battle as it already ended, this was fall back but not to most parts like china and Islam they being taken over and out powered by the digimon gods as now its our time to help. they declare war and the hatred of my god flow in me like divine sacred fire unlike anything i ever felt in my entire life. i breath and focus it.

as it was mostly one those who deny or falsely claim but mostly the digimon gods as then i wage war unlike any other with the army of barely over hundred. this led to me take over the land of china with such hatred weaponizing my anger as it guided me to some what brilliant tactics thanks to god as kari yolie and their army join me in muzlim takeover with new allies t.k and davis ken and codi work together to fight against china with their new army.

eventually davis and ken are given the digiegg of miracle and destiny as the evolve their digimon. this led to something of won over china as then thanks to blackwargreymon name 'x' and the new blackmetalgarurumon name zen dna evovling to omagamon zwarthe wa more of trump card islam defeat the digimon gods and even conquer the land as the result was the digmon gods were cast out of all their servers. as gaiamon become more multi-presence world

so we send people the terrorist and the china tyrants to their own world, the next this while see how they rule the world will result in even russai and other countries get in on this as they were geven other world there were over nine thousand servers so yeah we give it to them to demacrats to muzlim, to chinese those that stay were that of republican thought not like the left in america. but a few days later only ruin by their very own own hand

those who selfishly thinks of ruling a world without god or had their own idea of god are no longer alive, as those who were save by us thanks and our allies decided to have make a new a the united servers of gaiamon, with human and digmon living together as our forces were made bigger. the country of da-al-Islam now was given to the jews as they gain a bigger land equel to america. we made to be part of gaia japan as our territory made bigger.

america build world with independents now as well as other once country and now a world of their own. only a small amount of world with bad leaders and bad people had ruin their world only to have it start over by other who live with them to good intension gaiamon soon made a resurrecting's system and an afterlife system thanks to god permission. dark nightmare soldier are with the role as punishers as virus buster light guide them to the kingdom of god.

democrat's ruin their world and again and again that they no longer exist as a party or ruling world even the leftist muslim and the chinese tyrants who was each bad leader was overthrown by sheered force of it own people to wake up finally after al the years they slept metaphorically. they will no longer have finally kari was an emperor of her own world now after hard work. yet the digmon gods are still out there with the those who form a cult to worship them.

the day went on with me and kari on our date watching godzilla this time with digital world merge with gaia the movie making was easy as the monster are more real, i almost pee thanks to how real godzilla look and sound like. kari seem to held my hand gripping tight i blush as gasp for air. but then she calm me down. once the movie is done i quickly head to the bathroom. i took my number one as then i head out with hand wash well with water soap after.

"that was some movie" kari stated. "yeah the second time is not so scary" i told her. "hope your right." she told me as this led us having quick snack of noodle at a restaurant as then i look down the noodle realize the whole world is world is her it will be too much for a girl of her age to rule a world let alone a server universe of gaimon alone. "listen kari if this too much asked me for help say the word and it is done." i said. she smile.

"alright then rule with me as my king." she said. "like what marriage?" i asked. "well why not? ever since the second kiss, my eyes made realize god pair us together, so i do it to fill this strange gap you feel the same don't you." kari was right about me i do feel a strange gap without her. "are you ready for this!?" i shouted pointed at her. "of course not but neither are you so i will not leave your side my king." kari said now claiming as hers "naturally" she gasp as she blush red.

"i am your king" i said as i open my hand. "and i am your empress." with that our vow was clear that we made an engagement. "till the war with the digimon gods is over till we made law and order in our world and our ally world as well we will get married till then we're as couple officially till our time to become one flesh" i said as she stare with amazement. "right till that day come we fight the digimon those that rule with flaw ideas and a corrupt system." kari added.

thus a pack we made.

scrap story two - Part 6 (2024)


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