Water Payments | Redford Township, MI (2024)

The Redford Township Water Department bills 22,000 residential and commercial water accounts. The clerical staff prepares bimonthly water bills along with collecting and processing all payments made to the Township. Water bills are mailed approximately 3 weeks prior to the due date. Water bills are normally due on the 15th of the month unless the 15th falls on a weekend or holiday. For water billing, questions call 313-387-2670 and select option Number 4. View the BS&A Online website to access your water billing history.

If you have complaints regarding work that has been done in the field (water main breaks, landscaping), you can contact the Water Superintendent or the Water Foreman. Their information can be found on the Public Services page.

Payment Options

In Person

Payment is accepted at the Leo Snage Public Services Building located at 12200 Beech Daly. Normal office hours are Monday through Friday from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm. Township offices are closed for most national holidays.

By Mail

Payments can be mailed with a check or money order. Return envelopes are provided with both the tax and water bills. If you do not have the return envelope, payments should be mailed to:

Water Department
12200 Beech Daly
Redford, MI 48239

Drop Box

Drop boxes are available for check or money order payments (no cash payments in either drop box) at both the Public Services Building and Town Hall. The drop box at the Public Services Building is attached to the corner of the building. The Town Hall drop box is freestanding and is located on the sidewalk behind the building. Please do not use these drop boxes for any absentee ballots. There is a designated drop box for ballots during elections at Town Hall.

Credit Card Payments by Phone

Payment can be made with a credit or debit card by calling 313-387-2670 and selecting option Number 3. This is an automated service, and you must have your account number or parcel number in order to make the payment. There is always a convenience fee of $3 per $100 increment that is collected by the credit card processor. Redford Township does notreceive any portion of these fees.

Online Credit Card Payments

Click here to make a credit card payment online. The same credit card fees apply as stated under phone payments.

Automatic Withdrawal (ACH)

Automatic withdrawal from a checking or savings account is available for water payments. To enroll, click here to download the Automatic ACH Withdrawal Form or contact the Water Department to receive a copy of the enrollment form. We must have your signature on file authorizing the withdrawal of funds from the designated financial institution so this form cannot be completed online. Customers are asked to continue to pay future bills until they receive a water bill that designates "Automatic Withdrawal - Do Not Pay". Withdrawals that cannot be completed will be treated as non-sufficient funds transactions and are subject to additional fees. If you enroll in automatic payment and change banks, you will have to complete a new enrollment form. If you move, you will have to contact the Water Department to stop the automatic withdrawal.

DivDat Payment Options

Customers can make payments using several services through DivDat.

What you need to know when using any of the listed DivDat payment channels when making payments to Redford Township:

  • There is no transaction fee for customers who use cash or checks to make payments.
  • Customers using a credit or debit card will be charged a 3% processing/service fee by DivDat.
  • DivDat kiosks do not give change.
  • DivDat kiosks do not accept cashier's checks or money orders.
  • Any check that DivDat cannot withdraw is considered a non-sufficient funds transaction and will be subject to additional fees.

DivDat Kiosks
A DivDat kiosk terminal is in the lobby of the Leo Snage Public Services Building. This machine accepts payment for current tax bills through the original due date printed on the bill. Residents are encouraged to round up payments up to the next dollar to avoid penalties.

If making payments by check at the kiosk, please be aware checks will be scanned and returned to you once processed.

DivDat Guest Pay
Payments can be made electronically from the payment page located on this website.

DivDat Mobile App
Make payments using the DivDat Mobile App. Download the app to your mobile devices at the Apple Store or Google Play.

DivDat Consumer Web Pay Portal
The Consumer Web Pay Portal is ideal for consumers who use a desktop or tablet while enjoying the convenience of paying multiple bills and multiple billers in one easy transaction. With easy-to-create payment profiles, the Consumer Web Pay Portal supports multiple family members and business user accounts. Customers can also sign up for autopay and convenient payment reminders.

Consumer Web Pay Portal users have a Text-to-Pay opt-in option, which makes it easy to pay using mobile devices and schedule recurring payments. The Consumer Web Pay is free to join, however, there is a 3% processing/service fee added when using credit/debit cards. Visit https://cp.divdatkiosknetwork.com/account/registerto get started.

For any online or kiosk payment questions, contact DivDat Customer Service at 313-913-1532.

Paperless eBill Option

Sign up to get your Water Bill emailed every two months and go paperless. Click the Paperless eBill Sign Up Form to get started.

Water Payments | Redford Township, MI (2024)


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