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As of this writing, the November 14 premiere of Showtime's "Yellowjackets"is still more than two weeks away. However, the survival thriller/coming-of-age drama series already has the feel of appointment television.Created and executive produced by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson, "Yellowjackets" tells the story of a team of talented girl's soccer players who survive a plane crash in the remote wilderness. The series chronicles the girls' descent into warring, cannibalistic factions, as well as their efforts to put their lives back together 25 years later.

While the show features a loaded cast, the adult version of one of the survivors, Misty, is played by an actress who was a child superstar of the '90s, an indie darling, and a goth icon. Namely, we're referring to Christina Ricci, who burst onto the Hollywood scene at the age of 10 when she starred alongside Cher in "Mermaids." That was just the beginning, though, for the Golden Globe and Emmy-nominated actress.

Ricci's face is one that has been seen in myriad projects for multiple decades now; from the biggest blockbusters to low-budget passion projects. Here are a few of the noteworthy film and television credits that fans will recognize ...

She was in The Addams Family & Addams Family Values

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Just one year after her big-screen debut in "Mermaids," Christina Riccipermeated the zeitgeist with her role as Wednesday Addams in the 1991 cinematic adaptation of "The Addams Family." Based on Charles Addams' New Yorker cartoons, and the1960s television show that they spawned, "The Addams Family" also starred Raul Julia, Anjelica Huston, and Christopher Lloyd and told the story of a macabre, aristocratic family out of touch with the rest of society.

The film was a big commercial success, grossing more than $191 million at the international box office against a production budget of $30 million, per Box Office Mojo. Ricci's efforts were one of the standout aspects of the movie; in a contemporary review for Alternate Ending, critic Tim Brayton wrote, "There was only one year in the entire history of humankind where Christina Ricci was 10 years old, and that's the year when 'The Addams Family' started production. And while I'm sure there's a good version of 'The Addams Family' without Christina Ricci in it, I really cannot imagine what it might look like."

He also added that Ricci's Wednesday "gets the best individual moments, playing an ice-cold psychopath to perfection. She is the one character in this madhouse who feels genuinely dangerous, and she feels that way at every moment." Even more so, this was perhaps the case in the movie's 1993 sequel, "Addams Family Values," in which Wednesday is unleashed upon a children's summer camp.

Ricci appeared in Black Snake Moan

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Well over a decade after she became a pop culture phenomenon as Wednesday Addams, a grown-up Ricci — who had appeared in films like "Casper," "Buffalo '66," "Sleepy Hollow," and "Monster" in the interim — went all out for her role asRae Doole in 2006's "Black Snake Moan." In the film, Ricci's character falls into a self-destructive world of sex addiction and drugs when her boyfriend is deployed with theTennessee National Guard. She eventually finds herself left for dead on the roadside in nothing but her panties and a T-shirt. At that point, a religious former bluesman, Lazarus Redd (Samuel L Jackson), discovers her and decides to keep her chained up in his house as he attempts to mend her broken spirit.

"Black Snake Moan" wasn't a big box office draw — it grossed less than $10 million, according to Box Office Mojo — but Ricci and Jackson both earned high marks for their efforts on the project. SFGates'Ruthe Stein opined that the film's distributor"should have held off releasing it until later in the year so Jackson and Ricci would be remembered come Oscar time." She added, "Their performances hover just below over-the-top, an admirable accomplishment when you're yanking on a chain for half the movie."

She played the lead role in Z: The Beginning of Everything

"Yellowjacket" isn't Christina Ricci's first foray into the TV game. Over the years, she has appeared in a number of series, but in 2017, she was first on the call sheet for the Amazon Prime series, "Z: The Beginning of Everything." The show, which wascreated byDawn Prestwich and Nicole Yorkin, details a fictionalized version of the tumultuous life of Zelda Fitzgerald and her husband, author F. Scott Fitzgerald. It was based on the book, "Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald" by Therese Anne Fowler. In addition to acting on "Z," Ricci also served as one of the show's executive producers.

The series' first season featured 10 episodes that rated highly with a number of critics. The A.V. Club'sGwen Ihnat noted that"emotionally, [Ricci's] Zelda practically shimmers" and further opined that"for Fitzgerald fans, wannabe Fitzgerald fans, or even people who can appreciate a well-done period drama, 'Z' has a lot to offer, even as it gives us lots to think about."

"Z" was initially expected to continue beyond its first season, which ended with Zelda discovering that she's pregnant. However, it was later cancelled by the streamer, according toVariety.


Why Misty From Yellowjackets Looks So Familiar - Looper (2024)


What is the deal with misty on Yellowjackets? ›

Misty was a geeky, eager-to-please outcast who served as the equipment manager for the WHS Yellowjackets team. While technically a part of the team, Misty was never truly accepted or acknowledged as a member. However, during the team's fateful crash, her first aid skills proved invaluable.

Why does no one like misty Yellowjackets? ›

Misty's unpopularity in the past timeline was made abundantly clear from the get-go. Her social skills are sorely lacking, as evidenced by her continuous tactlessness in both the past and present, which gave way to her being bullied in her younger years and resulted in no meaningful friendship.

Why is Misty so psycho in Yellowjackets? ›

Misty ignores the slight, but it's a microcosm of how she's been treated for most of her life. Because of her overbearing personality–and yes, occasional psychopathy–Misty's bright ideas are often ignored or scorned until someone with more social clout brings them up.

Is Misty the villain in Yellowjackets? ›

She's been called "twisted," "a villain," "the most terrifying character on TV," and we even named her the most likely member of the "Yellowjackets" ensemble to eat you in the woods ... hold your applause, it's Misty Quigley!

Is Misty the Antler Queen? ›

We also know that Misty (Samantha Hanratty as a teen and Christina Ricci as an adult) is volatile and attention-hungry enough to do something like lead blood rites, but we know she's definitely not the Antler Queen; she's actually the one person in the original scene who takes her mask off, revealing she's the face ...

What disorder does Misty have in Yellowjackets? ›

Misty is a sociopath, but you still feel for her. There are those early scenes where the other girls on the team call her up just to tell her she's ugly. And you have to play her as the sociopath who still remains somewhat endearing and a person people root for.

Why is Misty obsessed with Natalie? ›

She has sort of this hyper-vigilant refusal to feel bad, or to let it affect her on an emotional level at all. But she can't help but act on the feelings she had in the past, so her obsession with Natalie from the beginning is because Natalie was the original Antler Queen, as revealed in the end of this episode.

Does Ben really like Misty Yellowjackets? ›

During Season 1, Ben teaches the group everything he knows about hunting and survival. Misty, who has arguably the most medical knowledge in the group, sets herself up as his caretaker and develops a crush on him, but he rejects her because he is gay.

What did Misty break at the end of episode 2 Yellowjackets? ›

Misty destroys the Yellowjackets' black box because she has the overwhelming desire to feel needed. Misty's role with the team is as an assistant, but she acts as a gopher who is very happy to do whatever anyone needs.

Who is the most evil character in Yellowjackets? ›

Shauna feels little remorse after murdering Adam. She is impulsive, unethical, and unfeeling, which makes her one of the most terrifying characters on Yellowjackets.

What mental illness does Taissa Yellowjackets have? ›

The series has, thus far, kept the root cause of Taissa's somnambulism and amnesia vague — is it a latent, mostly textbook case of DID that was triggered by the extreme stress of the plane crash (and later again in adulthood by the campaign and being blackmailed), or does it have a supernatural explanation?

Who is the bad one in Yellowjackets? ›

But we see Evil Tai showing up in the mirror with those stern eyes. She's a true horror queen who will not be contained. Tai begins to imagine entire scenarios, like Sammy coming to her house after school. After she and Simone discover the truth in the car, Evil Tai fully takes over, eyeballing Simone ominously.

Who is the antler queen in Yellowjackets? ›

The true identity of the Antler Queen in Yellowjackets is finally revealed in the season 2 ending, showing that Natalie is the one adorned with antlers. The Antler Queen may be more of a spirit of the wilderness rather than a physical person, with her powers and nature still shrouded in mystery.

Who is the man with no eyes in Yellowjackets? ›

Ever since he first appeared in Yellowjackets Season 1, fans have been haunted by the memory of the show's most eerie figure, known only as the Man with No Eyes. The creepy apparition, played by Brahm Taylor, wears a black suit and first showed up at the very moment that Tai's grandmother (BJ Harrison) died.

Why did Misty poison Ben? ›

Coach Scott is poisoned by Misty after resisting her advances.

Is Misty the reason they didn't get rescued? ›

Revelations lead to Misty feeling comfortable enough to share her biggest secret yet: she had destroyed the airplane's emergency transmitter back in Season 1 after gaining respect from the other girls after the crash, which is most likely the reason they had not been rescued yet.

Why is Misty obsessed with Nat? ›

But she can't help but act on the feelings she had in the past, so her obsession with Natalie from the beginning is because Natalie was the original Antler Queen, as revealed in the end of this episode. Do you think anyone in Misty's life knows what really happened to Crystal? No.

What does Misty break in Yellowjackets? ›

Misty destroyed the flight recorder because she wanted to feel essential and in control of the group's survival. The destruction of the black box played a role in Crystal's death, as Misty killed her to maintain her status within the group.


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